Hi, We’re Jadelynn

Referring to ourselves in the plural isn’t an affectation. Or not just an affectation. Jadelynn Asher is a pseudonym for two friends who turned to each other one day and said “could we really?” One of us (Jana) has the writing chops having worked as a writer for (ahem) uncounted years. The other (Jacob) loves romance stories and reads and writes about them and complains when people get their stories wrong.

It was during one of his rants that the assembled friends (many of them writers) challenged him to write his own. Cringing at all that work, he deferred. This scene played out with minor variations for a while when Jana said “you know, if you have the story, I could make the writing happen.” And we decided that our friendship could probably stand the nonsense working together would entail and we gave it a shot.

You can judge for yourself if the results are a success or not!